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Our History

In 1993, Rigel first introduced double hulled oil tankers into the Canadian Oil Transportation Industry and quickly became a respected and recognized leader in the North American Petroleum Transportation Industry.

We credit our success to the continuous effort we make to improve and develop our services, while focusing on Quality management where safety of people, property and environment receive top priority.

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Our Environment

For several years now, Rigel Shipping Canada has been collecting data on marine mammals, that visit the St. Lawrence region and the East Canadian waters, for the Marine Mammals Observation Network.

The goal is to gather data in the remote offshore areas and over large distances. The information obtained gives an updated view on the frequent changes in the environment of the marine mammals. This allows a continuous improvement of environmental protection for them. We are very proud that in the past 3 years, together with Transport Desgagn├ęs, we exceeded 1000 observations, with 361 observations just in 2017.

We are committed to continue and improve these efforts, to reduce the environmental footprint of our activities and help with the conservation of threatened or endangered species.

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Trading Zones

Although our vessels are fully equipped for worldwide trading, the Rigel Canada fleet generally operates throughout the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence and Eastern Canadian waters, and the Canadian Arctic.

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Rigel Shipping Canada Inc. has always known that quality, value and impeccable client service can only be achieved with the dedication of a skilled workforce.

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